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How to Operate if Your Integration is Interrupted

If for any reason there is a disruption of service with your integration you can still continue operations without it. 

Creating Cards:

It is good practice to have a supply of Pre-Pay cards already loaded with a dollar amount that can be activated in an emergency to continue operations. However, you can also use "Bill Pay" cards. To create cards without integration follow these instructions:

Creating and Balancing Pre-Pay Cards

Creating and Balancing Bill Pay Cards

You can create the following cards based on what type you have:

Turning Integration On and Off:

Should the integration disruption affect the operation of the system you can operate with it turned off until resumption of service. Many locations do not have any integration at all and successfully conduct business at a high level. Follow these instructions:

Turning Integration On and Off

* Please Note: If you create "Online Bill Pay" Cards or "Online Pre-Pay" Cards, with the integration turned off, you must leave the integration turned off for the remainder of the day or until there are no active cards. If you turn back on the integration with active "Online" cards, they will no longer work. They will still appear in "Active Customer Cards" on the TTG Server and will work if integration is turned back off. Regular "Pre-Pay" and "Bill Pay" cards are fine and will not behave in this manner. 

Managing Toast and PourMyBeer Without Integration:

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