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How to Create and Balance Pre-Pay Cards

With a Pre-Pay card, the customer pays a specific amount upfront.




Place your staff, manager, or admin card on the RFID reader to log in. Under the “Customer Card operations” menu tap the magenta "Create Pre-Pay Card" button


Enter the name of your patron and the validity period (the amount of time you want the card to remain usable). Press the right arrow to continue.

After the validity period is up, a staff member may reactivate the patron’s card for continued usage.


Tap on the number of patrons that will be sharing this card


Enter the value the customer has prepaid.

Note: Payment will need to be processed through your current POS system.



Place the patron’s card on the RFID reader to create the new card. You can load one card or as many as you need with this same value.


Balancing Pre-Pay cards: When you balance a card, you are erasing the name and value associated with the card in order to reuse it.

Tap the purple "Balance customer card" button. Place patron’s card on the RFID reader.

Note: Do not select the “Erase card” button for
customer cards.



This screen will show you a detailed view of the
card’s usage.

Tap “Balance and erase card” to continue.

Your patron’s card has now been cleared and a receipt will print to your designated printer. The card is now blank and able to be used for other functions.