Weekly and Monthly Tasks


We suggest you pick one day every week to do these:

  • Restart your PourMyBeer Server:
    • Click the Windows Start Menu Button at the bottom left (or center-left for Windows 11).
    • Click the power icon/button. A menu will pop up.
    • Click “Restart” on that menu and wait for the system to reboot.
  • Make sure all your screens are connected to the server (place a card on
    every screen - see if the “Searching for TTG server” appears).
  • Make sure all of your lines are counting (pour an ounce of each line).
  • Check your gas levels and gas pressure.


We suggest you pick one day every month to do these:

  • Check for windows updates and, if necessary, force the Windows update
    during off-hours.
  • Run a speed test on the server. If speeds are inconsistent and slow compared to other devices on the network, you can run into many errors and problems with the PourMyBeer system. (Example: Getting 1 MBPS to download when another device on the network is getting 200- 300 MBPS.)
  • Database Management - make sure you don’t have 300+ active products.
  • Assign a “Type” of product to all of your products - Beer, Wine, Cocktail, Non-Alcoholic.
  • Check your stock of cards. Click here for information on ordering cards For smaller amounts of generic PourMyBeer cards, please reach out to support.