Installing New Untappd Integration Manager

The new Untappd Integration Manager is installed via PMB Magic installer and supports sync for custom menus.

**NOTE** DO NOT install the new Untappd app unless the location in on v40 or better. In general if you are doing any work to a location on v36 you should be upgrading them to latest TTG first.However, if you do find a location on v36 with new Untappd, when trying to upgrade first go to the config.sqlite.db on the Product table remove the "tst_last_in_use" field. Upgrade TTG then run the Untappd Sync Now button and it should be recreated.


NOTE: When upgrading from the old BBG software be sure to stop & reomove the Beerboardgateway service in Windows Task Manager then remove BBG files before installing. You can typically find the main folder located either "C:\Program Files\PourMyBeer" or "C:\Program Files\BBG".

⚠️WARNING: When upgrading from the old BBG app the location will need to reassign beverages to the screens and set keg levels. 

After Installation, to add a link, enable the following settings under the "External Link" tab in the server configuration, "save changes", and "send configuration update":

image-png-Jan-27-2022-10-47-16-45-PM (1)