Troubleshooting Guide: Configuration Update Loop

If your screen(s) continuously display the Configuration Update message follow in this article. This error is usually caused by the screens and/or data being out of sync with the server.


Check to ensure all screens are on the same firmware and that there are no IP address conflicts:

The IP addresses should all be unique and in the same range. If there is a conflict, it is usally displayed in red. 

The firmware versions should all be the same.


Restart Application, Reboot Device, Power-off/on Device, and Reconnect to Server on all of the affected screen(s):

Perform a Factory Reset on the Screen


Rewrite the SD Card

Rewrite the SD Card, preferably to a new card, for the affected screens.


Further Troubleshooting

If the steps above did not resolve the issue, gather log files for investigation by development and discuss possible hardware causes.