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Tap To Pour Mode

How to enable or disable Tap to Pour mode on your beer wall system.

Often time's locations work better with a different pour mode, most notably the Tap to Pour mode that allows customers to simply tap their RFID cards or wristbands to the card reader and NOT have to hold it or keep it there for the duration of pouring.

This essentially puts a countdown timer on the screen from the start of the card or wristband tap.

Follow below to enable this on your system.


First, open up your browser on your PourMyBeer Server or head to http://localhost:8585


On this page, at the bottom right, click "Server Configuration"


On this Server Configuration page, you will be presented with Tabs at the top of the page to click on and browse, click "CARDS" and you should have something looking similar to the below snapshot.


The section you want to edit and experiment with is the "Auto Logout from Dispensing Screen (Seconds)" field. In this snapshot, it is set at 4 seconds.

This will allow the customer to pour their beverage without holding their card/wristband up to the card reader/beer wall screen for the designated number of seconds before logging out from the dispensing screen. In this snapshot below, it is set to 4 seconds.


Hit the "save changes" button at the bottom left of the page. Wait for the page to refresh and then hit the "send config update notification to all clients" button at the top left highlighted. This will send that new update to the beer wall screens and enable the feature.

Pictures of the buttons are provided below.

Switch Card Readers to Tap to Pour

  1. Order Tap to Pour Stickers here: PourMyBeer.cards

  2. Remove the card reader cover and flip over to remove the two screws which will release the card holder sleeve. Then remove the old sticker and replace with new Tap to Pour sticker.
  3. removecardholder

Disabling Tap to Pour

To disable this Tap to Pour feature, set the value to "0" so it looks like the below snapshot. Perform the "save changes" and "send config update notification to all clients" buttons like earlier to save the new changes and disable Tap to Pour.