Product Mapping

Product mapping works the same for Toast, Aloha, Positouch integrations.

Add/manage beverage products between PourMyBeer & Omnivore:

Watch the how to video here: Product Mapping Video
  • Products must be added to both the PourMyBeer system & your POS menu.
  • Enter all your active beer wall products into your POS menu, with open pricing, and publish. We recommend creating a "Beer Wall" category or sub menu to organize and be sure to name the products exactly as they are named in your PourMyBeer system for easy product matching between the two systems. Also, in your POS Beer Wall menu create a product called "PMB Fallback" which will be used in case a product match between the two systems cannot be found.
  • Once products are entered in both systems, launch the PourMyBeer Product Map App on the PMB server to help sync products: http://localhost:8580

    Products with exact name matches will be automatically mapped and any outstanding products that could not be automatically mapped can be done manually by selecting the product and then mapping to the item in POS (see screenshots below):