Electrical Requirements and Equipment Specs

Power / Electrical Requirements

110V is needed to supply power to the PourMyBeer System.  

Depending on the number of taps, we will need 1-5 outlets on a dedicated 15A circuit. 
Please, confirm this with your project manager.

Power will go from the 110v outlet to UPS Backup Battery to 24v transformers to the screens. 

For Direct Draw Systems, or systems where the cooler is directly behind the tapwall, the simplest way to provide power and network access is to locate it all on top of the cooler. This way the power leads and network cables can be dropped down directly to the screens. The Network Switch and UPS Battery backups will all be on top of the cooler if built like this.

DD Wall shot

Power Checklist

The PourMyBeer system needs power at the following locations:

One 110V outlet for each UPS (1-5 total).
Either on top of the walk-in cooler or in a cabinet near the tap wall without having to run extra wire. 

Check-In Station(s)
One 110V outlet for each check-in station.
These are located at the front entrance or traditional bar area. Usually located
near a POS station. Each one of these will also require an RJ45 terminated cat6 going back to the provided network switch. 

PourMyBeer Server
2 110V outlets (1 for the computer monitor, 1 for the tower).

The provided server needs an RJ45 terminated cat6 run to the provided network switch. 

It will also need a hardwired internet connection. 
These must be in place before PourMyBeer installation can be booked.
This is usually in the office or data closet.

Equipment Specs

Universal Power Supply Backup Battery 

Included with your system are Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) unit(s). By having a UPS in place, your Beer Wall can operate as a stand-alone system and will be protected from power surges. These Units have 5 surge and battery protected outlets.

We can power up to 20 Taps with 1 UPS unit. We will also include these for the server, switch, and check in stations. 



“Magic Box” Power Transformer

Primary Voltage: 115V 50/60Hz
Maximum Amp Draw: 1 Amp
Primary Power Wire: 18AWG (1 Pair)
Secondary Voltage: 24VAC
Rating: 112VA
Secondary Power Wire: 18AWG (1 Pair)
Dimensions: 3’ Wide x 3’ Tall x 4.25’ long
Wire Lengths: 56” from input plug to transformer, 125” transformer output power cable length.

Can power a max of 4 valves. These can rest on a flat surface or can be mounted onto the back of the cabinet with 4 screws. We recommend installing the Transformers in a position that in the event of a beer leak it is protected from any moisture.

LD White ISO


Tap “Valve”

Voltage: 24VAC
Load: 14VA (Hold) / 23VA (Inrush)
Power Wire: 18AWG (1 Pair)

Each valve will be paired with a flowmeter. There will be (1) valve and (1) flowmeter per product line. 

Installed in the draft system by draft technician.


Flowmeter White


Tap “Flowmeter”

Power Wire: 22AWG (2 Pair)

Installed in the draft system by draft technician. Connected to the backs of the screens by PourMyBeer. 
Customer must drill holes for these connections. 

Smart FOB

(Optional 3rd party equipment)

Power Wire: 22AWG (1 Pair)

Installation of Smart FOBs

Remote Screen Card Reader

90inch ribbon cable connects to the back of the screen.