PourMyBeer Networking Requirements

The Pour My Beer LAN is deployed in a configuration that requires minimum setup. However; in some cases our customers choose to use a “Self Managed” (SM) or “Third Party Service
Provider” (TPSP) to configure, manage, and maintain their system’s security protocols. Pour My Beer recommends the following requirements when setting up the LAN through an SM or TPSP.


IP Scheme
● Pour My Beer operates on the - 254 network. Make sure this range is reserved for Pour My Beer.
● The Server is designated
● The Charger client(s) are designated to count backwards from .254 (example, for Charger 1)
● The UI Clients are designated
● Subnet for the entire network


Firewalls & Whitelist
All ports must be open for unrestricted access as defined in the table below.

Source (IP or FQDN) Destination (IP or FQDN) Port Protocol Direction Description / Purpose
localhost / PourMyBeer
Server IP
TCP outbound PourMyBeer Server needs access to
localhost / PourMyBeer
Server IP
Teamviewer 5938 TCP outbound Teamviewer needed for
remote support
localhost / PourMyBeer
Server IP 20,21,
TCP inbound / outbound FTP file hosting
endpoint forPOS
integration setup,
monitoring, and automated upgrades
localhost / PourMyBeer
Server IP 9200 TCP outbound ElasticSearch cloud data
storage to backup card
info POS integration
localhost / PourMyBeer
Server IP
bkg.isogentdev.com 80,
TCP outbound Client web based reporting portal
localhost / PourMyBeer
Server IP
smtp.gmail.com 465 TCP outbound Optional keg management email alerts
localhost / PourMyBeer
Server IP
business.untappd.com 80,
TCP outbound Client web based reporting portal


Wired Network Structure

The PourMyBeer system runs off it’s own dedicated LAN (Local Area Network). Each TTG  will require Cat6 Wire run from the TTG (Beer wall screen) to the Network Switch.  


There also needs to be a CAT6 Wire run from your beer wall to your Check In Area (POS) and  Server (if your location has a dedicated Server). We recommended running 2 lines for  redundancy. 

All Data wiring should be CAT6 and terminated according to the TIA/EIA-568B wiring standard. Pour My Beer Technicians do not accommodate any wiring requests greater than 10’ and that include passing through walls, attics, basements, or crawl spaces.

Network Switch 

The PourMyBeer system works best with simple, unmanaged, switches. We typically specify the following models. 

Netgear ProSAFE Small Business switches Because they offer an all metal enclosure, instant connectivity and reliable performance, with no management needed, offered in 8,16,32 or 48 port switches


Patch Panels and Network Closets 

In the event a patch panel is used at your location the customer is responsible for all Cat6 data connections between the patch panel and the screens, check-in terminals, and server.




Every Screen will require a tested, terminated, CAT6 line ran from the PourMyBeer self-pour screen to a central network switch. PourMyBeer will provide a network switch for the tap wall. The customer’s lo-voltage team will provide all of the data cables between the screens and the network switch.



The PourMyBeer system runs off a central windows based PC Server. This server should be located in an area that is easily accessible by your team. The hardware spec’d for your installation depends on the number of taps and screens that you have in addition to any POS Integrations you have planned. Please contact your Project Manager for any questions that you have regarding hardware requirements. 


  • Minimum Specs Required:
    • Intel Core I5
    • 8GB RAM
    • 500GB SSD
    • Dual GB NICs
    • SD Card Writer
    • Windows 10 

    The server requires a Cat6 data line that runs to the PourMyBeer network switch. This must be provided by the Customer.


Check-In Terminal(s) 

Each Check-In Terminal will require a Cat6 data line that runs to the PourMyBeer Network Switch. This must be provided by the customer. See Network Wiring Plan or ask your Project Manager for additional information. 

PourMyBeer X9 Terminal 

This terminal is used for all POS Integrated installations. 

The Pour My Beer X9 Terminal is a single unit terminal requiring a standard outlet for power and 1 cat 6 cable connected to the switch.



PourMyBeer PC Check-In Terminal 

This terminal is used for all non-POS integrated installations.


The Minix is a compact computer mounted on the back of a screen requiring the attachment of mounting a bracket, connection of HDMI, power cables, and antenna. It connects to the internet  via Cat 6 (recommended) WIFI (not recommended/supported)


Physically separated Local Area Network (LAN)
Pour My Beer recommends the Pour My Beer Network should be on it’s own segregated network and does NOT share any connections with any other LANS or VLANS. In an ideal deployment, the Server, Chargers, Switch, and UI Screen Clients should all be on the same LAN.
Non-Pour My Beer devices should not be riding on this network.

Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)
In the event the Pour My Beer Network cannot be segregated from “other” networks we specify the following requirements.
● VLAN setup for Pour My Beer separate from all other networks.
● VLAN should have the scheme - 254
● A minimum of 1 Ethernet port matched to this VLAN for every IP device on the network.
● Pour My Beer devices ONLY on this network

Internet Speed Requirements
Pour My Beer requires a hard-line ethernet connection at the location of the Pour My Beer Server. Internet speeds should be a minimum of 100 Mbps download and 100 Mbps upload.

Additional Recommendations

In addition to the above, it is recommended if at all possible to give prioritization (QoS) to PourMyBeer network traffic. Your guest wireless network should also be capped or throttled to prevent your bandwidth from being completely used up during peak times with customers streaming.

Self Managed & Third Party Service Provider Network Checklist

Wired Network Yes No
All Network cabling is at least CAT6.    
All Network cabling ends are terminated according to the TIA/EIA-568B
wiring standard.
All Clients on the Pour My Beer LAN have at least one Network drop per
All Network Cables have been Identified and labeled.    
All Network Cables have been tested and confirmed to be working.    
At least one Ethernet port for the Pour My Beer LAN.    
Wireless Network    
Upload speeds of at least 100 mb/s.    
Download speeds of at least 100 mb/s.    
IP Schema    
The range of - 254 has been reserved for Pour My Beer.    
If using a different range, has this reserved range been communicated to the
Pour My Beer Installation Coordinator?
Firewalls & Whitelisting    
The router is providing unrestricted outbound access to ports 80 & 443?    
The router is providing unrestricted outbound access to ports 465, 5938,
The router is providing unrestricted inbound & outbound access to ports 20, 21, and 22?