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Online card currently processed by another client!

Follow these steps to resolve the "Online card currently processed by another client!" error on screens.

The pictures above will appear on the beer wall and chargers when the card id is locked to a screen thinking it is still pouring.

How it happens

The customer takes their card off of the screen and uses it on another screen before the previous screen's logout timer completes. 

We've only seen this occur on logout timer setups.

Methods to resolve

The first way to resolve this is to either take that card to the original screen and place it back on that screen and pull it off to wait for the logout timer to complete before moving to the next screen.


The second way to resolve this is to search the Card ID in the database for TTG and remove it manually, write the changes to the DB, then restart the TableTapGo Service.

  1. Open DB Browser and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Table Tap Go Server\data_raw.sqlite3
  2. Click the "Browse Data" tab.
  3. In the drop down, choose "current_cards". This will list all the cards that exist in the system. 
  4. Search for the Card ID in the "filter" text field under "card_id" that is giving problems and delete it by right clicking and selecting "Delete Record".
  5. Repeat the same steps for the "cardpurchases" in the same drop down menu.
  6. After this, click "Write changes", close DB Browser, and then restart the TableTapGo Service in the Service manager.