Omnivore Install Guide

Omnivore Setup & Install Guide


We support the following POS options via Omnivore:

  • Aloha
  • Brink (coming soon)
  • POSiTouch


Before installing PMB Magic you must first send the client this PourMyBeer invite link to install on their Back of House POS computer. This process can take several days to complete due to scheduling with Omnivore Support.

Provide this invite link to client:


The client should open this link on their back of house (BOH) POS computer and follow the instructions seen below to download and install the Omnivore installer. If their POS provider blocks this install they will need to enter a support ticket with their POS provider (Aloha tends to block)


Running the Omnivore installer will prompt the client to schedule a full install appointment. The client must be available during that appointment in order to help Omnivore support gain access to their BOH POS computer. The client will be asked to install Teamviewer so Omnivore support can access the computer remotely. This should not be scheduled during business hours.


Once this full install is complete we should see that location listed in our Omnivore Portal  (see below): 

Install PMB Magic for Omnivore


You will need access to our Omnivore account to get the required info for the installer: 


Get the latest file from Ventive FTP. Run the PMB Magic PMB_Installer.exe file and select the “Omnivore” option from the Integration Type drop down on the main installer window. 

Location Name: “Larry’s Pour House
This field is the name that will display in our Magic Management system.


Location ID: cbxqrdoi” (example location ID)

This field is found in the Omnivore portal under the Location tab (see below):


API Key: “b0d37c81449145acae4b75460719d4b5” (this is the current live prod key)

You can confirm the latest production key in the Omnivore portal under the Application tab (see below):


Fallback Item: “39484” (example PLU)

This is the POS PLU # of their fallback item. This item will be used if there is an issue matching products between the PMB & POS. The client needs to add a $0 product called “PMB Fallback” to their POS menu and provide you with the POS PLU for this field. If this is not available at install just enter “00”. This value can be updated manually in the appsettings.json file. 

Manage beverage products between PMB & Omnivore:

  • Products must be added to both the PourMyBeer system & Aloha menu.
  • Enter all your active beer wall products into your POS menu, with open pricing, and publish. We recommend creating a "Beer Wall" category or sub menu to organize and be sure to name the products exactly as they are named in your PourMyBeer system for easy product matching between the two systems. Also, in your POS Beer Wall menu create a product called "PMB Fallback" which will be used in case a product match between the two systems cannot be found.
  • Once products are entered in both systems, launch the PourMyBeer Product Map App on the PMB server to help sync products: http://localhost:8580

    Be sure to add a shortcut to the client desktop called: “PMB Product Map

    Products with exact name matches will be automatically mapped and any outstanding products that could not be automatically mapped can be done manually by selecting the product and then mapping to the corresponding POS menu item. This matching process needs to be completed for all new products added to PMB (see screenshots below):

    How to video: