Network Equipment

Network Switch

PourMyBeer will source an unmanaged gigabit network switch for your project once
your screen and tap count is confirmed. These will be rack- or wall-mounted by
your low-voltage technician. The network switch is usually located inside of the tapwall, above the screens, in a manager's office, or data closet.
It will be the point that connects your screens, check-in units, and server with Cat6 runs. 

-110v outlet
-rack or flat surface to mount
network switch



PourMyBeer will source a central Windows based PC Server. It includes a monitor, tower, keyboard, and mouse. The server should be located in an area that is easily accessible by your team. However, you can control this computer from anywhere by using a remote login app that comes installed on your server, TeamViewer.
The server is the main hub for all PourMyBeer technology and the link to your POS
integration, if applicable. 

Server Pre Install Requirements:
-a standard outlet for the tower and monitor
-a Cat6 run to the PourMyBeer switch
-an ethernet run to the customer supplied internet source
-shelving or a desk



image (1) (1)


Check-In Terminal(s) 

The check-in terminal, aka charger, aka card programmer is what pairs an open tab from your POS system to an RFID card in the PourMyBeer system. It does not process payments.
These are usually located next to a POS station. PourMyBeer will ship out the check-in station(s) with the screens in the final shipment. 

Check-In Pre Install Requirements:
-a standard power outlet
-a Cat6 run to the PourMyBeer switch



PourMyBeer X9 Tapwall Screens 

PourMyBeer will schedule the screens to ship once the screen and tap count has been verified.

Every screen requires:
-a tested RJ45 male terminated CAT6 line running from the self-pour screen to the network switch
1 per screen

-power supply (see electrical buildout for details)

-CAT6 for valve control (Long Draw Systems only)
From each valve in the cooler, to the corresponding tap at the tapwall with enough to extend out of the screen cutouts and past the drip tray.

Numbered on both ends
These runs DO NOT plug into the network switch. 
These specific runs do not need to be terminated. 
1 per product tap


CAT6 for Valve Control (Long Draw Systems Only)

The blue CAT6 in this picture goes from each tap at the tapwall, to the corresponding valve in the cooler.