Managing Devices From Server

Click "Client Settings" and then "Device Status"


1: Restart application of all devices: Restarts the application (not the whole device) on all clients

2: Reboot all devices: Restarts every device completely

3: Power-off all devices: Power off all devices

4: Reconnect all devices to server: All clients try to reconnect to their last known TTG server

5: Device-ID and IP address of the client

6: workload information (cpu, memory, disk usage of the client)

7: Basic information about the client:

  • If client is currently connected to TTG server or not (1=connected, 0=not connected)
  • Server-IP: What is the current server ip the client is connected to
  • Server-Name: What is the name of the TTG server the client is connected to
  • Server-Port: 8585 – which port is used from the TTG server
  • Client date-time – what is the current timestamp on the client
  • Uptime: How long is the client already running (in format hh:mm)

8: Additional information – accessible by clicking on the “i” Button:

  • Firmware version of the client
  • Filesystem version of the client
  • Current IP of the client

9: Change brightness of screen

10: Restart application of this device: Restarts the application (not the whole device)

11: Reboot device: Restarts this device completely

12: Power-off device: Power off this device

13: Reconnect device to server: This client tries to reconnect to his last known TTG server