"Magic Box" Power Transformer

Power Transformers:

Mount the Power Transformers using the 4 mounting feet in a dry accessible area close to the TTG (“Magic Box”) unit it will be powering. The input power plug should be plugged into the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) unit, while the output power plug will plug into the corresponding white connector (pictured below) from the TTG unit.

“Magic Box” Power Transformer

Primary Voltage: 115V  50/60Hz

Maximum Amp Draw: 1 Amp

Primary Power Wire: 18AWG (1 Pair)

Secondary Voltage: 24VAC

Rating: 112VA

Secondary Power Wire: 18AWG (1 Pair)

Dimensions: 3’ Wide x 3’ Tall x 4.25’ long

(We allow 4 tap valves per “Magic Box” Power Transformer)