How to Replace a Flowmeter




Before you begin, turn off the tap screen and disconnect the power source from the tap screen/valve you will be working on.


Untap the keg from the valve you will be working on.


It is advised that you take pictures of all connections and wires before removing anything. Trust us, this will be very helpful when putting things back together.


Your flowmeter is connected to the
valve using a John Guest Fitting. your
valve may differ from the diagram, but
the procedure will be the same.

Removing the flowmeter:

Push the collet in towards the valve and
hold it in while pulling out the
flowmeter. You might need to use a flat
head screwdriver or pliers to hold the
collet in.

Use this same method to remove your
tubing from the other end of the




Rewiring: Direct connection

If your existing flowmeter has a white cable going directly into the back of the screen. You will simply follow that cable, disconnect it from the back of the screen and connect the new green phoenix connector.

If the flowmeter cable you receive does not come with a green phoenix connector at the end, you
will need to strip the flowmeter wires and connect it to the previously used phoenix connector in the same order as it was originally connected.


Rewiring: Cat 6 connection



If your PourMyBeer system was set up with this type of connection, wiring may differ per location and it is imperative that you notate what color wires from the cat6 cable are connected to the ends of the flowmeter cable.

You will need to cut the flowmeter cable to size and strip the wires. You will also need to splice the cat6 wires coming into the valve from the tap screen.

You will need to purchase new splice connectors to connect the cat6 wires to the wires coming from the flowmeter. You will simply push the wires into the connector and crimp. follow the cable matching method used for all other flowmeter connections in your set up.




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