New Features

New Features in PourMyBeer Magic V2

Support for open priced items

This fixes the previous workaround where the receipts showed the quantity of items priced $0.01 combined into a single item (qty = 1000, price = $0.01) for a $10 pour. Now, it will show a single item per pour with the correct quantity and price (qty = 1, price = $10) for a $10 pour.

***Note: This also means that all of the beer wall menu items must be set to ‘open’ pricing instead of setting to $0.01 pricing as before.

Items are added to tickets when poured

Tickets in the POS UI will now show every pour right after it is performed and not just at closing like before.

No need to close the ticket from the charger

Closing the ticket from the POS UI is now all that is needed to conclude a transaction. If needed, customer cards can be erased from the charger UI OR while pairing an open ticket. You can use the erase and pair feature to erase the old card data and pair it to a new ticket.

No need to combine tickets

Pour transactions are now added to the original ticket a card was paired with and not to a new ticket that has to be paired.

Automated product sync

Products that exist in the PourMyBeer server (TTG Server) products database will automatically be synced into Toast’s products. This means no more double entry of products into both systems! Simply add products in the PMB products database, wait 10-15 minutes, and the products will automatically sync.