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Portions Mode





To set portions, begin by navigating to the
product database in the TTG server. Click the
“Items” button on the top menu bar.


Delete any items found on this screen before
setting anything up. When portion sizes are set, items will be added here. If redundant items are on this screen, there will be a conflict in pricing.

If there are no items on this screen, you are
ready to begin.

Click the “Portion” button on the top menu bar.



Click the “Add Portion” button.


Enter the portion name (this is the size name
your customers will see).

The quantity is the number of ounces to make up this portion size.

Check the “Apply to All Active Products” box.

Click “Save Portion” button.



This portion size has now been added to
your system. Click the “Send Config Update
Notification” button to send to tap screens
or click the “Add Portion” button to add
additional sizes.


If you navigate back to the “Items,” you will now notice an item is added for each product in
your database.

Press the “Home” logo to return to the server’s main menu.



From the main menu, click the “Client
Settings” button.


Under the “Tap Mode” section, click on the
drop-down menu and select “Portion” for
each of your taps.


Once all taps have been updated to Portion
mode, press the “Send Config Update
Notification” button.


The portion mode setup is now complete on the server-side. The final steps below are to be completed on each of the tap screen.




Place your admin card on the reader and tap the “Configure Valves” button.


Select one of your lines/taps.

If multiple lines are set up, you will need to
complete the same steps for all lines one at
a time.



All values will remain the same on this screen.
You will need to scroll through the list and find
the beer that needs to be assigned to this line
and click on it.


A size menu will now come up. Ensure all portion sizes are switched on, and press the green checkmark button to save all changes.


Portions have now been completely set.
Remember to follow this for all lines and all
tap screens.

When a customer places a card on the card
reader, they will need to press the checkmark
button to select a size.