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Untappd for Business




This guide will help you add your Untappd beer
list to the PourMyBeer server.

Once you sign up for your Untappd account,
you will need to provide credentials to your 
PourMyBeer Support Team to link the accounts.

Once your account has been linked, you can
begin building your database.

You can watch the following video or follow the steps below:



Open your newly created section in Untappd and search for a beer you wish to add to your menu.

Click on the beer you wish to add.



This beer has now been added to your  database. Now we need to set the correct price per ounce.

Click on the newly added beer. A side menu will
open to edit any beer details.



Under the containers option, type 1oz            “(1 once)” and click on the "1oz option" in the drop-down menu.



Enter the price per ounce for your beer and
click the “Save Item” button at the bottom of the side menu. 

Your beer has been added to your database