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Keg Level E-Mail Alert




This guide will teach you how to set up email
notifications when a keg reaches low levels.

We recommend creating a new Gmail account
as a sender account to send out the email
notifications to your primary email address
(whichever email you prefer).

When creating your new Gmail account, we
recommend that you make your new email
address in this format:




Once you have created a new Gmail account,
click the profile on the top right and click the
“Manage your Google Account” button.


A new screen will come up with options on the
left side. Click the “Security” section and scroll down to the “Less Secure App Access” section and turn on Less Secure App Access.

You can now close this window, as you will not
be needing it for the rest of the setup.



Open your “Table Tab Go Server Management” page by placing an admin card on the reader and clicking on the access web interface button.


Scroll down to the “email settings” section and
enter the following information.

SMTP Servername: smtp.gmail.com

SMTP Server Port: 465

SMTP User:

*this is the email address you created*

SMTP Password:

*the password to that account*

Recipient Email:

*This will be your primary email address you
want the notification to be sent to*

Click the “save changes” button at the
bottom to save all changes.



Next, go back to your home screen on the server and click the "Notifications" button.


Click the check box to turn on the alert for the specified level (Empty, 5%, and/or 10% notifications).

Once you have turned on at least one of your
notifications, click the “Send Config Update” button.



Next, click the “Client Settings” button.


Verify that all taps are numbered correctly.