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Setting Serving Size




The default serving size is set to 16oz, but you may lower or increase the serving size for individual products. For example, a beer that has a much higher ABV would have
a lower serving size, maybe 12oz.

To begin, click the “Product Database” button.



You can scroll through your product database to search for the product you wish to update, or you can search for the specific product by name.

Click the “edit” button next to the product you are updating.



Navigate to the “Units Per Serving” value and update it to the desired serving size. Scroll down and click the save button.

Note: As a default, patrons will be able to pour 2 servings before their RFID card is disabled. If your “Units Per Serving” is set to 16oz, your patron will be able to pour 32oz before they reach the responsibility limit.



Once you have saved your updated serving size, click the “Send Config Update Notification” button highlighted yellow. 

You are now ready to pour!