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Adding a New Product to the Database

If you are adding a new product using Untappd for business, please see the Untappd guide.




To begin adding the product, you will need to
launch your “Table Tap Go” server. This can be
done in the following 2 ways:

1. If your server and charging station are
combined, you will need to place an admin level card on the RFID reader and tap the “Access Web Interface” button.

2. If your server is set up as a separate station,
you will have a desktop shortcut. Click on the
“Table Tap Go Server Management Page” icon.



If it is your first time logging in, you will be asked for your location’s username and password assigned to you by PourMyBeer. The default username and password is “admin.”

After you have successfully logged in, click on
the blue “Product Database” button.



Next, click the “add product” button on the
top left.


From this page you’ll be able to:

1. Add product detail and tasting notes
2. Set serving size
3. Set price per volume unit
4. Add product image (search for your image on Google and save it to your computer)

Click the “save new” button when all the
information has been entered.



Next, click “Send Config Update Notification” to send your products to the tap screens. 

Now, you will need to go to each tap screen and tap the “configure valves” button to select which product will be set to that screen/tap.

Note: Clicking “Send Config Update Notification” will disable your tap screens for up to 30 seconds.