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Tap Screen Setup




When you first start up/reset a screen, you will
need to go through the “Configuration Wizard”.

Tap “Start wizard” to begin setup.



Tap your desired screen configuration.

• Horizontal with detached reader

• Vertical with detached reader

• Vertical with built-in reader



Tap the Wi-Fi and DHCP switches so that they
are both at the off position (left).

IP address: Follow the guide below to enter a
unique IP address for each tap screen.




Subnet Mask: Enter the subnet mask as

Press the right arrow to continue to the next screen.

The system will then take a few moments to locate the server.



The server 192.168.2.XXX should appear. Tap
to select it. A message will appear that reads
“Downloading Configuration.” Once the unit
downloads the latest update from the server, the screen will go black for a second.


The next screen will ask for the login information. Enter your Username and Password. The default Username and Password should be “admin” for both fields. Tap the arrow to continue.


Select the number of lines/taps that are
connected to this unit.


On this screen, ensure the product is assigned
“90” pulses. Tap Compensation should be left
at 0 for all; a PourMyBeer Expert will guide you
on any adjustments needed in the future.

Select the brand of beer that will be dispensed from this unit.



You have now completed the Configuration
Wizard and your system is ready for use.