Not Counting/Not Charging

There are many reasons why a beer line would stop counting, ranging from dirty beer lines to hardware failure.

1) Clean the beer line

  • The flowmeter has an internal pinwheel that has three magnets on it that pass by a sensor. It is very common for this pinwheel to become stuck, but beer will still flow around it because it does not make a seal in the beer line. A chemical soak and cleaning of the beer line usually will dissolve anything that is preventing the pinwheel from spinning freely.

2) Blow the beer line out with pressurize air/gas

  • If simply cleaning the beer line does not work, you can try blasting the pinwheel free.
    • Place a cleaning card on the desired beerwall screen
    • Blow any liquid out of the beer line using compressed air or another pressurized gas.
    • Note: You should only blow enough air through the beer line to get the meter to read.

3) Electrical connection issues at a spliced connection

  • Sometimes wires have been spliced because of repair or needing to extend a wire. Most splices would be within a 6ft wire run of the valve/meter.
    • Follow the wire from the valve/meter and inspect for any spliced connections.
    • If a splice is found, gently pull on each wire while holding the splice
      • If the wire is broken or pulls out
        • Cut the splice off
        • Strip both wires back about 1/4 inch
        • Twist the wires together
        • Use a waterproof splice to finalize the connection
  • Test if the system will pour and count

4) Flowmeter wire connection at the back of the screen

  • Remove the screen from the wall
    • Small 1.5mm (1/16 will work, but is a risk of stripping) grub screws located on the top/bottom or left/right edges of the screen must be loosened a few turns.
      • If your screen is a X5 (silver frame around the glass) then you will need to also unscrew the screen frame from the wall.
  • Remove the gray metal protective box from the back of the screen by taking the 3 small nuts off the back.
  • Unplug the power connector/s at the top left corner of the top computer board.
    • The power connectors use Black and Red wires. If you have 2 sets, unplug both.
  • Inspect all the wires by gently pulling on them and making sure they do not come out of their green connectors (the flowmeter connections are on the opposite side of the power connector)
    • If a wire is loose or pulls out, you can reinstall the wire into the green connector
      • Remove the green connector from the board by pulling up on the connector (Do not pull a connector off by pulling the wires connected to it)
      • Loosen the screw for the desired port until the port fully opens
      • Insert the wire back into the port
        • If wire broke off, you will need to strip 1/8 inch of wire shielding off first
      • Tighten the screw for that port
      • Reinstall connector.
  • Test if the system will pour and count

5) Possible bad screen "top board"

  • The computer board that has the power/valve/meter connections on the back of the beerwall screen could be bad.
    • You can test the top board by swapping it with another known working screen.
      • NOTE: Always make sure to unplug the power connector/s before removing the top board. Then remove the valve/meter connectors. It may be a good idea to take a picture before this and label the connectors.
      • Unscrew the three silver mounting posts from the back of the screen
      • Firmly pull the top board straight up to remove
      • Swap with the known good board
    • Test if the screen will now pour and count

6) Dead flowmeter

  • Flowmeters do go bad and if everything else looks good, it is time to replace the meter.
    • Untap the keg and bleed the pressure from the beer line
    • Remove the flowmeter from the beerline
      • On each side of the flowmeter you will find a plastic push-fit fitting
        • Press the gray locking ring into the fitting and hold
        • While holding the gray locking ring, pull the meter out of the connection
          • Note: We recommend using a pair of needle nose pliers to hold the locking ring down if you can not use your fingers. Be careful not to damage the push-fit fitting during this process.
    • Cut the flowmeter wire off near the base of the flowmeter or at the splice connections.
    • Either splice the wires using waterproof connectors or feed the new wire to the back of the beerwall screen.
      • If not splicing, make sure to connect the flowmeter wire to the back of the beerwall screen
    • Reinstall the flowmeter into the beer line by firmly pressing the meter into the push-fit fittings.
    • Retap keg
    • Test if the screen will now pour and count

7) Please contact PourMyBeer support at (312) 416-9989 ext. 2