Screen Will Not Respond to Touch or is Registering Touches That are Not Happening

Usually a touch screen sensor can be fixed by cleaning the glass off and power cycling the screen.

1) Clean the glass

  • Use a lint free cloth and a glass cleaner that will not leave any residue
  • Test the screen for proper touch responses

2) Power down the screen, then clean

  • Remove the screen from the wall
    • Small 1.5mm (1/16 will work, but is a risk of stripping) grub screws located on the top/bottom or left/right edges of the screen must be loosened a few turns.
      • If your screen is a X5 (silver frame around the glass) then you will need to also unscrew the screen frame from the wall.
  • Remove the gray metal protective box from the back of the screen by taking the 3 small nuts off the back.
  • Unplug the power connector/s at the top left corner of the top computer board.
    • The power connectors use Black and Red wires. If you have 2 sets, unplug both.
  • Clean the glass following step 1.
  • Plug the power connector/s back in
  • Test the screen for proper touch response
  • Reinstall screen

3) If cleaning and power cycling the screen does not work, it is likely that the touch screen sensor is damaged or unplugged. Please contact PourMyBeer support at (312) 416-9989 ext. 2