Get Client Merchant ID, API Token, and Optional Beverage Tax Rate

Get Client Merchant ID, API Token, and Optional Beverage Tax rate

 Example merchant ID and API Token:

Clover Merchant ID: T3YHHU773EP1

Clover API Token: d73a6d6f-84h4-9387-d1a9-a8e99e9ur8ru8

Login to your portal accountand select Account & Setup link in the left menu then select API Tokens link under Business Operations section.


NOTE: You will be prompted to enable Two Factor Authentication to your account in order to use the API.

Once on the API Tokens page you can copy the Clover Merchant ID from the URL. To ensure we collect the full ID just copy and paste full URL (red box shows actual merchant ID)


On the API Tokens page select Create New Token button

On the Create New Token pop-up name the token “PMB” then select all Read & Write permissions and select Create Token button at the bottom


Once the new token is created you can select the view icon to display token and copy the API Token

Optional Beverage Tax Rate


If your city/state requires a different sales tax rate for alcoholic beverages please add this specific tax rate in your portal and pass the name of the tax rate to your installer.


In portal select Account & Setup in left navigation then Taxes & Fees under the Business Operations section:



Then select Add Tax Rate or Flat Fee button to create and name your tax rate.