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Client Settings Overview

Overview of TTG Client configuration settings

Tap Configuration Operations

  • Client information
  • Current configured products
  • Current keg level (if configured for line)
  • Tap number 
  • Keg Alert for each line
  • Must be properly connected at TTG client
  • Difference between fob stop and fob stop inverted is that fob stop inverted also triggers an alert if fob stop is disconnected or malfunctions
Tap modes:
    • Standard: "Free-Flow" mode
    • Portion: For portion mode
    • ByTheGlass: Control a connected ByTheGlass device
    • Arcade: Control a conntected arcade machine
    • Bar network: control a connected dispensing equipment
  • If tap mode is portion or byTheGlass



  • Shows the configured ITEMS for each line


Known Client Devices

  • IP address marked red = ip used double in TTG system
  • Delete device from database
  • Possible platforms:
    • X5: dispensing client (default client)
    • Charger: x5 charger
    • Cpt: desktop charger
    • Rpi_arcade: x5 arcade machine
  • Each platform has its individual firmware
  • Client has to be reconnected to server manually. Authentication is deleted


Firmware Versions

  • Currently available firmware/filesystems for all platforms
  • Visual representation of the "firmware" folder in the TTG server installation folder